Rum - CDI - Barbados 20 YO ABV 45% 70cl

Rum - CDI - Barbados 20 YO ABV 45% 70cl

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Real cradle of the rum, the Barbados island is strewed with windmills in ruin, serving previously to crush the cane to extract the juice from it. The island shelters the oldest distillery in the World, Mount Gay. Three historic distilleries of the island (Cockspur, Foursquare, Mount Gay) preserved the use of pot stills to develop powerful rums.

Aromas of caramelized fruits, citrus, banana, stone fruits, preserved fruits and a touch of varnish. In the mouth, the rum develops flavours of fruit jellies, fruit spirits and spices such as clove and white pepper. The finale is spicy, toasted and powerful, typical from the best rums from Barbados.

Country of origin: Barbados
Multi distilleries: Cockspur - Mount Gay - Foursquare 
Distilled in: Jan 1996
Bottled in Oct 2016
Age: 20 years
Alcohol content: 45%

Volume: 70 cl
Column still + Pot Still
Ex-Bourbon cask
Aging: Tropical 20% + Continental 80%

This is bottle number 140 of 370.