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The Caroni Distillery in Trinidad was established in 1918 and was renowned for producing one of the world’s finest rums from its own high-quality sugarcane crops.

Sadly, because of the decline of Trinidad’s sugarcane production, the distillery was shut down in 2001. It’s small legacy of vintage casks become more and more difficult to obtain as their stocks dwindle.

When will the last cask be bottled? No one knows!

Lime House in collaboration with Precious Liquors, has carefully selected cask number 2211 which was distilled in 1998 and spent over 22 years aging in an oak barrel before bottling in 2021. Only 174 bottles were harvested from the cask and bottled exclusively for Lime House in cask strength 64.7% ABV.

In the colourful world of rum, besides being legendary, Caroni is a top choice for many connoisseurs for its complexity and heavy profile.

We at Lime House in Singapore would like to offer our most beloved patrons and trusted trade partners this exclusive opportunity to own a bottle of Caroni

Only 50 bottles will be available for advance purchase, which will guarantee you immediate delivery to your doorstep when the bottles arrive in Singapore.

Arrival in Singapore around 6th of August 2021